Adult and Teen Classes

Kim's College of Martial Arts adult and teen classes are designed to increase your speed, strength, balance, flexibility and stamina, all while learning essential self-defense techniques.  After a high stress day at school or work, nothing feels better than to kick and punch your way to health and fitness.  The experience is like no other.  When you're surrounded by a group of motivated people who are performing their techniques with laser-like focus, it's a natural inspiration to help you train even harder.  What's more, the techniques you'll be practicing are deep, practical and interesting, and they come directly from the cultural source.  Grandmaster Kim has created and improved upon his martial arts programs over the course of 40 years, tailor-fit to give our students the maximum benefits in the knowledge of their skills and to give them an in depth personal understanding of where those techniques came from, and where they should go.

We are Peacemakers

Since the techniques you'll be learning come from Grandmaster Kim's personal experiences training Korean Special Forces and Green Berets, we are adamant about the kind of character and attitude our students have.  The value of the Adult and Teen class also stems from the calibur of the students that take the class, therefore there are to be no ego's, no one-upsmanship, and no rivalries between students.  Although we believe that competition is beneficial, the purpose of competition is to raise the standard for all...not to bring anyone down.


Reduce Stress through Martial Arts

Regular Exercise Helps Reduce Stress

Regular exercise helps the brain and body handle stress better. It improves mood, relieves anxiety and depression, and increases energy. In addition, exercise increases your ability to focus, think clearly, and learn more effectively, all of which will enhance your productiveness and further reduce stress.

Some psychologists also think exercise thwarts depression and anxiety because it forces the body's systems - all part of our stress response - to communicate more closely than usual. This workout of the body's communication system gives the body a chance to practice dealing with stress. Similarly, if we become more sedentary, our bodies are less efficient and therefore less able to deal with stressful situations.

Additional ways in which exercise reduces stress:

  • Exercise can reduce tension. Exercise reduces nervous tension by decreasing the electrical activity of tensed muscles. People who exercise feel less jittery and hyperactive after working out.
  • Exercise can make you eat healthier. People tend to eat more nutritious food when they exercise regularly.
  • Exercise can make you feel better about yourself. Taking action and seeing positive results will improve your confidence and self-image, which contribute to stress relief.

Tae Kwon Do: a workout you'll enjoy

If you think of exercise as just another item on your to-do list, it can easily become another source of stress. To make exercise a stress-reducer, you need to find a form of exercise you enjoy - an activity you look forward to doing. Think adult martial arts classes at Kim's College of Martial Arts

According to the Mayo Clinic, two important factors in finding an exercise routine you can stick with are having set goals and working out with a friend. At Kim's College of Martial Arts you get both. Our belt system has goal setting built into it - students are motivated to achieve each new belt level, all the way to black belt. And, unlike many gyms or fitness facilities, our atmosphere is friendly and encouraging - the ideal place to bring a friend and make new ones.

Our martial arts instructors teach everything step-by-step, with patience and enthusiasm. You will enjoy learning the various martial arts techniques and self-defense moves, while at the same time improving your flexibility, balance, endurance and strength.

Most of our adult students start out as beginners. No prior experience is needed (unlike some sporting activities), and our teachers are always receptive to questions.

Getting started is easy!

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