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Give your child REAL leadership skills for life!
Your child's biggest challenge is not fighting for his rights on the streets.  Instead, your child's primary battle is a silent one, and one that he must face everyday of his life...
His own fears and self doubts:
  • "Why am I not as smart as John?"
  • "I wish I was as stong/pretty/tall as Sally."
  • "Why does Jim keep picking on me?"
  • "Why can't I be as popular as Jill?"
  • "I don't get what my teacher is saying."
The problem is not necessarily external, but internal.  How can your child truly learn to overcome these fears and anxieties?  What can you do to battle the issues of childhood obesity and bullying?  How can you help your child conquer his innermost fears and self doubts and truly unleash a powerful, unstoppable force?
Rise Up!

When your child learns the discipline of Taekwondo he will also learn to transfer that discipline to other areas of his life.  There is no other sport or recreation that can do this better than Martial Arts, precisely because it is an individual journey.  At Kim's College of Martial Arts, our goal is to help you see real, positive changes in your child immediately, with benefits that will last a lifetime.  With good goals and disciplined practice towards those goals, we believe your child can accomplish truly great things!  Although playing games can be fun, our curriculum focuses on having fun through achievement.  Children have the most fun, not when they are playing games, but when they know for themselves that they are getting stronger, faster and better at the skills they are working towards.  This physical and emotional achievement will strengthen them, reinforcing their internalized idea that hard work pays off, and teach them the exalting power of virtues.


Every belt has a meaning...every class has a purpose.

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