The Story of Grandmaster Sung H. Kim

     Grandmaster Kim, a 9th degree black belt, leads his life dedicated to the true purpose of martial arts, the way of making peace.  Grandmaster Kim started training at the age of 6 under the instruction of his father.  He continued to practice and teach for over 60 years.  He is internationally known and respected as an excellent technician, a talented teacher and a deep philosopher.  When he graduated Joongang University, the Korean government hand selected him to teach the Korean Green Berets hand to hand combat for 3 years.  Grandmaster Kim arrived in Ohio with two things in his bag, his uniform and his black belt.  He was confident that his knowledge in martial arts would someday positively influence the community he'd come to call home.  He comes from a family that has produced four generations of master instructors over the past century...from his grandfather Great Grandmaster Suk Hyun Kim, leading down to his son, the latest master.

  • World recognized Grandmaster Duk San: (Mountain of Virtue) Sung H. Kim
  • 9th degree black belt in Taekwondo and Hapkido
  • Master degrees in Yudo (Judo) and Kumdo (Korean swordsmanship)
  • Master instructor for the Korean Special Forces
  • Front cover of TKD Times Magazine "The Midwest's Best Kept Secret" Nov. 1992
  • Humbly accepted the honor of "Master Kim's Day" proclaimed by both Brunswick and Medina mayors
  • Graciously accepted the "Finest Citizen Award" by the State of Ohio
  • Featured on national television stations (NBC and CBS) for self-defense expertise.

Kim's College of Martial Arts has even deeper roots throughout northeast Ohio through the Kim's family lineage.  Our Grandmaster Sung H. Kim is the youngest of five Kim's brothers.  The youngest three brothers (including our Grandmaster Kim) wowed Northeast Ohio with powerful demonstrations and seemingly superhuman feats of strength, dating back to 1970.  The Kim's family is widely known in the martial arts community for sharing their wealth of technical and philosophical knowledge of martial arts in northeast Ohio.  It is said that almost all martial artists in Cleveland or suburban Cleveland areas can trace their origins to the Kim's family.

Peacemaker Philosophy

Q:  What is martial arts?

A:  Martial arts literally translates as the way of making peace.

Q:  What is a martial artist?

A:  A martial artist is a humble, gentle and strong individual who will seek the truth and stand up for justice.  A martial artist lives with honor and pride, and will always have time to be charitable to those in need.  A martial artist embraces challenges and remains resilient through life's obstacles.  A martial artist is patient, compassionate, hopeful for those in despair and a wellspring of knowledge for those who seek it.  A martial artist is a necessary person for this world.  In essence, a martial artist is a peacemaker.

The Peacemaker Philosophy is a concept which should guide every martial artist.  The World Traditional Martial Arts Association logo codifies this concept.  The red and blue crests symbolize the duality of nature...up and down, hot and cold, good and evil.  Planted in the center of the symbol is a seed of peace.  We truly believe at Kim's College of Martial Arts that the benefits of martial arts training extends beyond the individual's physical, mental and emotional improvements.  As a matter of fact, a true martial artist helps create a more peaceful world.

We provide the highest quality martial arts instruction, training our students consistently to be their best individual self.  Our goal is to help you accomplish your personal goals in order to achieve overall success in life.  We empower our students with valuable life skills to mold leaders for tomorrow.  What better occupation could there be?

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