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Martial Arts has the power to change your life!  For the past 40 years, our system proves to be the best way for you to lose weight, increase speed, endurance, strength and flexibility all while learning valuable life skills and self defense techniques.  Imagine yourself stronger, more alert and more confident.  Imagine the incredible satisfaction of teaching your loved ones the value of goal setting and self-discipline.  Martial arts can provide this!  We can help you realize that YOU are the key to your own personal success!  At Kim's College of Martial Arts, we can teach you to soar above the stress and anxiety of everyday life.  You will find yourself setting and achieving new goals, reaching new heights, all through traditional martial arts.

Class Schedule

Flexible Students, Flexible Schedule

Adding something new to your busy schedule can be a challenge.  That's why we have Flexible Class Times.

Our schedules feature multiple classes that you and your child can attend. You're not committed to the same day and time each week.

For example, one week our Tuesday and Thursday evening classes may work best for you. However, the following week you're busy Thursday, but free Wednesday morning or even Saturday morning. Come to those classes instead! - it is not imperative you let us know ahead of time.

Unlike other activities or martial arts schools you aren't 'stuck' with a set schedule. At Kim's College of Martial Arts we make it easy to fit Taekwondo into your life.

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