Confidence at KCMA

     Last year, I became aware that my kids, although generally happy at home, were facing certain social challenges and I wanted to help them.  My 7 year old daughter, although very intelligent and kind, was painfully shy and unsure of herself.  She had difficulty making friends and kept mostly to herself.  This was making her a walking target for teasing and bullies.  She loved to learn, but the environment was so negative that she'd have stomach aches the night before, thinking about what might happen the next day.  My 5 year old son had a different issue.  A boisterous and happy child, he had no problem with confidence or making friends, but paying attention, listening and sitting still were not really in his grasp.  After attending a very professional and organized birthday party at KCMA, my kids were both eager to try martial arts classes, and I was elated.  I was thinking to myself, "If this program works the way I think, they'll build confidence and gain focus and not even realize it because they'll be too busy having fun."  We (myself included) have been enrolled at KCMA for almost a year now and I cannot begin to describe the difference I see in both of them.  My son is a more diligent and focused student, and my daughter is getting ready to celebrate her 9th birthday and actually had to pick and choose who to invite to her party because the list of guests was too long.  The confidence she has in herself now is amazing, and she even goes so far as to pass the feeling along, encouraging others who are doubting their own abilities.  I want to say "thank you" to the instructors at Kim's for encouraging my children to always do their best, and for helping them find their inner strength.  They are happy, confident kids, and I am very grateful.

~Sarah S.  proud mother of an excellent KCMA Family

Coordination and Athleticism at KCMA

I would like to Thank Kim's College of Martial Arts for bringing out Gabby's athletic ability.  Before starting Taekwondo, she was not very coordinated or athletic.  Gabby has come a very long way to become who she is!  Thank you.

~Michelle G.  proud mother of an excellent KCMA black belt.

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